5 Surprisingly Disastrous Date Night Ideas

trapezeEvery married person will tell you -- date nights are essential for keeping things interesting. It's the perfect time to relax, reconnect, and forget about that 100-line-long to-do list. For most couples, that means bonding over a bottle of wine at dinner, then taking in a movie.

Then there are moments we try to get a little creative with our one-on-one time. My husband and I have tried everything from concerts to paint-you-own-pottery to karaoke. But that's not out-of-the box enough for a lot of couples. One pair I know took a trapeze lesson to spice the night up. It was fine and dandy until his fear of heights set in and she spent 30 minutes of their 45-minute session trying to coax him down.

Bottom line: your intentions may be good, but sometimes it's better to keep things simple. Here are four more seemingly cool date night ideas you should just avoid.


Image via monkeyatlarge/Flickr


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