5 Surprisingly Disastrous Date Night Ideas

Ericka Sóuter | Oct 18, 2012 Love & Sex

trapezeEvery married person will tell you -- date nights are essential for keeping things interesting. It's the perfect time to relax, reconnect, and forget about that 100-line-long to-do list. For most couples, that means bonding over a bottle of wine at dinner, then taking in a movie.

Then there are moments we try to get a little creative with our one-on-one time. My husband and I have tried everything from concerts to paint-you-own-pottery to karaoke. But that's not out-of-the box enough for a lot of couples. One pair I know took a trapeze lesson to spice the night up. It was fine and dandy until his fear of heights set in and she spent 30 minutes of their 45-minute session trying to coax him down.

Bottom line: your intentions may be good, but sometimes it's better to keep things simple. Here are four more seemingly cool date night ideas you should just avoid.


Image via monkeyatlarge/Flickr

  • Hitting the Club


    Checking out that hot new club may sound like a cool idea, but it's not. What's so romantic about shoulder-to-shoulder crowds, earsplitting techno you have to scream over, and a snooty mixologist that won't acknowledge you? Try a laid-back lounge instead.

  • Double Date


    Your bestie has a new beau and you think that it would be so much fun to do a couples' night. It won't be. People in brand new relationships can be way too touchy-feely in those early stages. It can be really, really uncomfortable to the other couple who've moved past the PDA parade years ago.

  • Catching a Game


    This is fun in theory, but if your man is really into the game, he's not going to want to talk. So if you had a "romantic, look into my eyes and tell me how much you love me" night in mind, skip all sporting events.

  • Breaking a Sweat


    It's one thing if you are both fitness fanatics, but if you are just looking at a new way to spend quality time, working out is not ideal. You will be tired, sweaty, hungry, and likely aggravated. Once you finally get home, you'll be too tired to even do anything else.

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