10 Ways to Distract Yourself While Waiting for Him to Call

woman with phoneIt's a tale as old as time. Girl and Boy go on a date. Girl has great time. Girl starts obsessing about what kind of time Boy had. Girl calls friends to talk about Boy. Girl's excited for the next date. Girl starts to worry when she hasn't heard anything in 48 hours. Girl calls friends to talk about how worried she is. Girl sits and stews. Girl puts cellphone in her pillow at night so she won't miss a call, a text, an email, a Facebook reference, a Tweet, or a goddamn Instagram that might give her a clue as to when or if she'll ever hear from Boy. Girl slowly loses mind and starts to eat hair and paper just to feel something again. Boy calls and says he's been traveling for work, is she available for a drink this week? Girl can't answer with mouthful of legal pad ... and regret.

Don't be that Girl. Here are 10 ways to distract yourself while waiting for him to call. 

  1. Drink. What -- you didn't think I was going to lead off with exercise, did you? Come on. Grab some friends, head to the local bar, and have beer. Before you know it, those wings and that pint will make you forget all about Boy who hasn't called.
  2. Exercise. Well, if you're going to be drinking and eating like that, sheesh, you'll need to bust a move or two. Running, yoga, whatever -- it's all a great way to clear your mind.
  3. Be Important. Nothing like a little self-aggrandizing to make you forget about anyone who may or may not be worth your time! Go to work events, or attend a night-class, or make a freaking ceramic mug or something -- anything that makes you feel accomplished is good.
  4. Say Yes. "No" is a curse word when you're obsessing over someone. Say "yes" to any and all offers to do any and all things, be it happy hour, a lunch with a random co-worker, a baseball game with your weird uncle, or babysitting for your neighbors who smell like soup. Getting out of the house is your best friend.
  5. Date. Hey, genius. Why do you think he's not calling you right now? Because he's on another date. He's dating. And you should be, too. Get set up or get online -- the more dates, the merrier.
  6. To-Do It. Tackle that to-do list of yours like there's no tomorrow. Sink your teeth into ripping all your CDs on your computer, change the light-bulbs in your place to those energy efficient ones, or scrub that moldy bathtub. Staying busy is the best distraction.
  7. Cook. Make something yummy and delicious for the friends you've relied on to get you through this waiting period. A little lasagna never hurt anyone.
  8. Get a Blow-Out. I'm sorry, is there any problem a great blow-out can't fix? Didn't think so.
  9. Partake in a Marathon. You can run one, if you want, but I suggest settling in for an epic marathon of that show you've heard so much about, but haven't seen. May I recommend Friday Night Lights? You'll LOVE it.
  10. See the Sights. You live in a place with at least some history, there is at least one sight you haven't seen. Check it out! There's no time like the present.

It's worth mentioning something you shouldn't do -- don't start texting with former flames to distract yourself or make yourself feel important. It'll backfire in yo face, for sure. Never fails. Trust. Kthxbai.

How do you distract yourself when waiting to hear from a guy?


Photo via mahaz/Flickr

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