15 Signs You Are SO Over Him Already

Most of my friends have a hard time dealing with relationship breakups. Not the actual breakup, mind you, but the doing of the deed. It's like we're all caught up in the early 1950s or something and feel like women shouldn't be doing the whole "breaking up" thing, which is total crap.

If a relationship isn't working for you, then a relationship isn't working at all, and it's time to set it free so you can find Your Happy and he can find his.

Here are some of the signs you might see when you're SO over him.


1) His laugh, that one you once thought was SO freaking cute? It grates your nerves like nails on a chalkboard.

2) Listening to him talk about his day makes you want to punch yourself because it's just. so. boring. Besides, he never asks about your day.

3) You cannot recall what, specifically, you ever found attractive or endearing about the guy.

4) It squicks you out whenever he goes in for a kiss.

5) Hearing "I love you," which once made your heart smile, now makes you want to scream.

6) You're totally relieved when it's "Guys' Night" because it means you don't have to deal with him.

7) His (once adorably dorky) taste in clothes doesn't make you want to help him get a fashion sense, it makes you want to flee.

8) You don't want to make time to hang with him - you'd prefer a good book on the couch alone than dinner with him.

9) You're embarrassed to be seen with him in public.

10) You no longer want to bring him out with your friends.

11) You used to spend all your time on the phone with him -- and now? Every conversation feels like a repeat of the last one.

12) You find yourself completely annoyed by his quirks - the ones you used to find endearing and sweet.

13) You'll be on a date with him when you realize you've been daydreaming about a bubble bath and missed the whole conversation.

14) You'd rather be working ... and you're not even on deadline.

15) You'll do all sorts of things to avoid touching him - like randomly cleaning the cat boxes or doing laundry in the middle of a movie or dinner.

If you find yourself doing these things or feeling this way about your guy, it's time to break it off. Do yourself and your partner a favor and just get it done.

What are some other ways you can tell you're SO over him?

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