12 Ways to Go From 'Just Friends' to the Relationship of Your Dreams

One day, you're minding your own business, working and living life, and the next -- BAM! You suddenly realize you're totally digging one of your guy friends. What should you do? How do you handle this sudden revelation? Do you say anything at the risk of ruining the friendship?

Those are some rocky waters to be sailing, my friend.

Here are some simple ways to see if your friend might be interested in you, too.


1) Throw on something more than jeans and a T-shirt when you hang out. No, not like a cocktail dress, but dress a little more sexily than when you normally hang. This can either show you in a different light, or show that he doesn't notice.

2) Talk to him. Don't make all conversations about you; instead, turn the tables and ask him how his day was. Get into those really wonderful and deep discussions and see how well your ideals match up.

3) Pay attention to him when you're out together. No, not like hanging on his every word, but make sure he knows that in a group, you're noticing him.

4) Hold the eye contact, like really. Eyes are the windows to the soul ... or something. So when you see your bestie hanging out across the room, make eye contact and hold it.

5) Try a little light flirting - nothing major and nothing you can't pull back on. A "wow, you look nice tonight," not a "wow, can we get down and dirty tonight," can work.

6) Be prepared to accept that he may not be interested. Not everyone you set your eyes on will be someone that you can date, and that's okay - it's normal. So be ready to go back to "just friends" territory.

7) Play it cool. Because you do know (like it or not) that it's possible that he'll never see you as anything other than a friend, it's good to test out these strategies without becoming That Girl. Y'know, the one who's all clingy. No one wants to be That Girl.

8) Find out if he's even looking for a relationship - he may not be. And if that's the case? It's time to set your sights somewhere else.

9) Try not to be awkward about it. It can feel really weird, having a crush on your friend, so try and keep it cool and calm and collected.

10) Touch him. No, not like that. A hug or a touch on the arm, without being all over him or creepy, can send sparks flying ... or not. But at least you'll know.

11) Hang out, just the two of you. Watch television or a movie, order in, and see what happens. Don't force anything, just see how things go.

12) Take it sloooooooowly. You don't want to ruin a great friendship by coming on WAY too strong, so slow and steady wins this race. Hopefully, it'll lead to something more!

Any other suggestions for turning "just friends" into a great relationship?

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