5 Ridiculous Excuses Women Use to Keep a Bad Boyfriend Around (PHOTOS)

couple yellingIt's hard breaking up with a guy -- even one that is obviously bad for you. I've certainly been there and so has just about every single woman I know. So when a friend recently opened up about her hesitancy to end things with her boyfriend of two years, it got me thinking about all the excuses we give ourselves for staying in a relationship that just isn't working.

For this friend in particular, she hated the idea she had already spent so much of her life on him. She didn't see a real future with him, but what if she didn't find someone else? Then what? Two years would be gone for nothing and she would be alone. My advice to her? Do you really want to have this conversation again later on after he has sucked another year of your life away? That could be time spent getting to know some great new person you actually want to be with.

Here are 5 other absurd excuses women use to avoid ending a bad relationship:


Image via hand_in_there/Flickr