Man Without a Face & Woman Without a Foot Are With Child

You know the saying about love, "There's someone for everyone." Sometimes that's hard to believe. I know loads of attractive, intelligent, successful people who just can't seem to find the one for them. Maybe we all become paralyzed by so many choices? Whatever the reasons, singlets everywhere should take heart at this inspiring story of a man with "no face" and with a woman with no foot who found true love and who will soon be parents.


Mohammad Latif Khatana, a 32-year-old man in the Kashmir Valley near India, was born with a genetic deficiency that prevents his body from fighting off human papillomavirus. As a baby, he had a small lump on his face that just kept growing. Eventually, huge lumps and folds of skin completely obscured his features. He can't even see now because of them.

Naturally, he despaired at ever finding a mate. But four years ago he met Salima, a 25-year-old woman born without a foot. He says they both knew immediately they were meant to be together because Salima was also "medically incomplete." He says:

So for many years she struggled to meet a husband. As soon as we met we knew we were right for one another.

The most amazing part? Salima is now seven months pregnant. Khatana says that a baby will finally bring him happiness -- but naturally he's worried the kid will have the same genetic disorder. I can only imagine how he'll feel if he passes along this condition. However, his child will at least have someone in the family who has it. And perhaps doctors can help a baby earlier. Unfortunately, Khatana's condition is inoperable because too many veins grew into the folds of his skin. At any rate, let's just hope for the best!

Imagine being faceless, not to mention dirt poor, and still finding true love. There's no excuse for the rest of us!

Do you think there's someone for everyone?


Image via gniliep/Flickr

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