Guy Proposes Using One Direction Song & Believe It or Not It's Actually Awesome (VIDEO)


If you're thinking of proposing, don't bother. I mean, just don't. Your girlfriend will have seen this video and no matter how heartfelt your marriage proposal may be, it will never, ever measure up to this guy's. Bradley Jansen, 24, from Grand Rapids, Michigan enlisted the help of the One Direction song "One Thing" and about 90 friends to pull off the most amazing surprise his college sweetheart Emily had ever seen. There's lip syncing, there's a human tunnel, and there's a TV on a beach. Yeah. You gotta see this.


A-dorbs. And ladies? If you want a proposal like this, make sure you date a guy who owns his own production company. Bradley's got mad skills, and it shows.

What do you think of this proposal?


Photo via bradleyproductionsus/YouTube

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