10 'Sexy' Moments Men & Women See Totally Different

We all know men and women are different. Besides the obvious plumbing, they seem to speak a different language too. But it goes much further than that. When it comes to being sexy, both genders have real unique views.

Sexy can certainly refer to more than just a hot body, of course. Your mind, your eyes, your attitude, they can all attribute to an overall sense of sexiness. But even so, the differing of opinions is pretty staggering. Take a look at some examples:


Romantic Dinner
Sexy for Her: Homemade dinner with a beautiful set table, classical music softly playing in the background, candles flickering, and slow soft talking.
Sexy for Him: Pizza and a beer on the couch, while watching the game. She's wearing nothing but his football Jersey.

Sexy for Her: Soft, moist lips, slowly pressing against each other in the absolute lightest of touches.
Sexy for Him: Tonsil hockey!

Sexy for Her: Seeing a dad patiently sitting with his son, helping him out with his homework.
Sexy for Him: Hearing her say, "The kids are at my mom's for the night."

Sexy for Her: Doing heavy bench presses or dumb bell curls with a ferocious intensity in their eyes.
Sexy for Him: Jumping jacks or trampolining in a bikini.

Sexy for Her: Looking at her phone to see a message that says, "I'm coming home for lunch, but I'm only hungry for you."
Sexy for Him: Glancing at his phone to see a topless photo with the caption, "Come and get 'em!"

Bedroom Attire
Sexy for Her: Nothing but a top sheet.
Sexy for Him: Nothing but high heels.

Sexy for Her: A guy who's worldy, knows about finances, politics, law
Sexy for Him: A gal who knows the the three stats used in baseball's Triple Crown.

Sexy for Her: Watching Ryan Gosling pour his heart out during a rainstorm to Rachel McAdams in The Notebook
Sexy for Him: That three-boobed chick on Mars that propositions Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall

Sexy for Her: Truly listening to her problems and genuinely offering support and a shoulder to cry on.
Sexy for Him: Knowing that "shrinkage" is a legitimate thing!

Sexy for Her: A man in uniform.
Sexy for Him: A nurse's uniform.

What do you find sexy in the opposite sex?

Photo via Gregg O'Connell/Flickr

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