Mom Admits Everything's Easier When Dad's Away From Home (VIDEO)

coffee shop confessionsAs much as my fiance and I love one another, we totally value time apart from one another. There are definitely things he feels like he can get away with when I'm out of town (like taking a 15-minute trip to the grocery store and coming out with just some sugary cereal, a box of crackers, and pasta), and there are things I feel like I can get away with when he's out of town (like spending two hours in Whole Foods, perusing gourmet and organic foods to my heart's content). But when we're together, we do what we can to strike the balance. That's what partnership is all about, right?

Well, sure, but sometimes we also get frustrated that we can't keep doing things "our way" when our honey's around. Consider one mom who appeared on the latest episode of CafeMom Studios' Coffee Shop Confessions. She actually admits she gets so frustrated when her hubby comes home and throws her off her parenting game, she actually wishes she was a single mom sometimes! Whoa.

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SUCH a universal issue, huh? Even if you don't butt heads with your partner over parenting tactics or the interruption of one of you being out of the house and then coming home and shaking things up, I'll bet anyone in a relationship can relate to this wife and her DH. It's inevitable that you're going to find that you're on a completely different page than your partner at some point.

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But I'm totally with Julia, Tia, and Simon in that ultimately, it's about taking heart in the "beautiful chaos of juggling," alwaaaays communicating (and not in a passive-aggressive way!), and doing what you can to strike a balance in regards to who is in control. At the same time, I love how they talked about respecting your partner's space. Somehow getting all of these elements to come together is definitely not easy! But I would think if you love one another and really do want to try to get on the same page, it's totally worth it.  

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