9 Tips for Dating a Younger Guy

So you're a cougar.

Pretty awesome, right? I mean, Demi Moore did it (and yeah, it didn't work out well with Ashton, but it happens). Still, the whole world watched in awe as a hot older woman managed to snag a younger, sexy bachelor. Since then, the word "cougar" has been tossed around to and fro, in everything from everyday life to television to movies.

Cougar is now more synonymous with "sexy" than it is with "animal," which probably pisses off zoos to no end.

Here are some tips for being a cougar and dating younger dudes.


1) He's not as experienced as you. Some people find that to be a turn-off, but most good cougars know that inexperience means an eagerness to learn.

2) He's got a few tricks up his sleeves. Cougars, pay attention: just because your dude isn't in your age bracket doesn't mean he doesn't have the capacity to teach you some delicious new tricks.

3) He's got more free time. More time with your younger dudes means that cougars get more time to communicate with their partner. He's not all caught up in work and life and stuff, so he's able to listen to you. Bonus!

4) Remember this: maturity. No, I don't mean the AARP discount, I mean that cougars are able to smell bullshit a mile away, so if you're dating a younger dude, you're going to be much more able to spot any problems coming down the line.

5) Bonus! Sex drive. Women reach their sexual peak later in life than men do, which means that a younger guy is more likely to have the same banging sex drive you do.

6) Live it up. Sure, you're more mature and experienced, but sometimes it's still pretty awesome to be able to let loose and get down and dirty! Let your younger guy remind you of the fun you should be having.

7) Futurama. No one wants to think about "the future" talk until they're certain they know what they want. So it's important to be upfront and communicate with your guy about what it is you're looking for. And if it's a casual fling? Awesome! So be it!

8) Ignore the haters. We all aim to lead a life without shame in it; a life where we feel free. If you're an older sexy woman dating a younger dude, it's probable that you're going to wind up hearing some fairly nasty things. Don't let this be something that defines your relationship -- enjoy it for what it is. No one can deny your feelings. No one.

9) Change of rules. Cougars are used to being treated a certain way in a relationship because, well, it's what you grew up with. However, just because your younger guy doesn't follow the same rules doesn't mean he's rude. He just follows a separate set of dating rules.

What are some other things cougars should keep in mind while dating younger dudes?

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