5 Wackiest Ways to End a Relationship (PHOTOS)

breakup letterMen. When they do too much for us, we feel suffocated. When they don't do enough -- we feel neglected ... yet strangely want them more. After some time, it's hard to decide whether a relationship is truly worth fighting for or it's time to cut the cord. You know, break up.

Breaking up is never fun to do. It's hard. It sucks. Tears are almost always involved. You've invested something in the relationship emotionally and letting go ... sucks. But come on -- why does saying "goodbye" always have to be so serious? Why not say, "I think we should just be friends" with some sort of maniac gesture?

Heck, if people are gonna talk, you may as well give 'em something worth talking about. Let's get to it, ladies. The 5 wackiest ways to end a relationship:


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What was your weirdest breakup?


Image via Emily Abbate