5 Wackiest Ways to End a Relationship (PHOTOS)

Emily Abbate | Oct 3, 2012 Love & Sex

breakup letterMen. When they do too much for us, we feel suffocated. When they don't do enough -- we feel neglected ... yet strangely want them more. After some time, it's hard to decide whether a relationship is truly worth fighting for or it's time to cut the cord. You know, break up.

Breaking up is never fun to do. It's hard. It sucks. Tears are almost always involved. You've invested something in the relationship emotionally and letting go ... sucks. But come on -- why does saying "goodbye" always have to be so serious? Why not say, "I think we should just be friends" with some sort of maniac gesture?

Heck, if people are gonna talk, you may as well give 'em something worth talking about. Let's get to it, ladies. The 5 wackiest ways to end a relationship:

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What was your weirdest breakup?


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  • The Umbrella Tactic


    Image via Easa Shamih (eEko)/Flickr


    Ahhh, the good old umbrella game. Know that there's rain on the way, things are heading down the tubes, and need an easy, non-confrontational out? Simply write, "It's over" on the outside of an umbrella, and sign your name at the bottom. Someone has got to stop your soon-to-be-ex sooner or later to ask what it means, right?

  • The Lunchtime Goodbye


    Image via joebeone/Flickr


    Is there anything better than a packed lunch? Hmm, well maybe one that doesn't include a breakup note. Offer to make your boo his final meal (without him knowing) and make a special afternoon treat complete with "reasons" why it's over. Things you can include: Sour grapes, spoiled milk, stale bread, an "I'm over this" note.

  • Two Words: Saran Wrap


    Image via Thomas Rosenzweig/Flickr


    TELL me someone you know has done this. Person A is frustrated with Person B, so they go out and spend $10 on cheap saran wrap and completely wrap Person B's car under the cover of darkness. Person B heads out to go to work the next morning, and they see their bundled vehicle.

    In a breakup scenario, I suggest leaving a note that says, "I'm not just pranking you. Unwrap your car, get in it, and don't come home."

  • The Deskside Message


    Image via zappowbang/Flickr


    Too afraid to say "I'm out" in person? Send a letter to his office. Much less awkward for you, and much more entertaining for his coworkers. Possibly.

  • Primetime Goodbye


    Image via gothopotam/Flickr


    Got some extra cash lying around? Probably not. Would it not be epic, though, to cut ties with a fling over an ad on primetime local TV? Say you know he's embarrassingly into watching a local cable access station while he makes dinner Monday through Wednesday before his kickboxing class. Put together a little segment, make a few calls, and BAM. Instant "Wait, is this REALLY happening?"


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