15 Signs That You're NOT Ready for a Relationship

Turn on any movie or television show and you'll quickly be inundated with the idea that if you don't have a romantic relationship, there's clearly something wrong with you and you're going to end up sitting alone at weddings without a Plus One for the rest of your life.

It's not true.

And it's also not a good idea to jump into a relationship if you're simply not ready for one. So how do you know if you should take the leap? Let's find out some signs that you're NOT ready for a relationship yet.


1) You're miserable, unhappy with your situation in life. If you try to jump into a relationship while you're depressed, chances are you're going to attract the wrong type of partner. Happiness comes from within.

2) Like it or not, you're still in love with your ex.

3) You're too busy working on your own life to devote any time to anyone else.

4) You find yourself attracted over and over to the wrong guys, in a subconscious way to sabotage the relationship before it begins.

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5) You believe that a partner will be the one thing that brings you happiness in life.

6) He's a lost puppy and you want to save him, fix him up, and make him whole again. The dysfunction that creates in your life leads to the drama fixing him creates.

7) You believe that white knight is going to swoop in and "save" you.

8) You're more concerned with finding a partner than with anything else in your life.

9) You're more concerned with changing yourself to fit a potential partner than you are with being your true self.

10) You're still healing from past failed romantic relationships.

11) You haven't begun to take responsibility for your role in the demise of previous relationships. We must LEARN from our past, not be mired in it.

12) You're desperately insecure and convinced that a relationship will help you feel less so.

13) You don't love and accept yourself as you really are. This makes it impossible for a partner to love and accept you as you are.

14) You've just bounced from one relationship and are already looking for the next. Give yourself time to heal, hard as it may be.

15) You want a relationship to distract you from your emotional pain and suffering. Instead, learn to sit with your pain and work through it before jumping into a new romance.

Any other signs you may not be ready for another romantic relationship?


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