10 Tips For Getting Back Into the Dating Game

It happens to most of us single folks at some point or another - we decide to give the dating merry go round another spin. For those of us who'd been in committed relationships a long time, it's hard to know where to begin to date again.

Here are some tips and ideas for starting fresh with a new partner.


1) Before you launch yourself into a new relationship, make sure that you are, in fact, over your last relationship. That means no more pictures of the two of you in Cabo lying around, no more stalking him on Facebook, nothing. Don't rush yourself, just make sure you're ready.

2) Ensure that your communication styles jive. Communication is one of the most vital part of any relationship, romantic ones especially, so make sure you can be open and honest with your new partner, and that your new partner feels he or she can be open and honest with you.

3) Remember - slow and steady wins the race. That means don't start planning future babies names before you're even a couple.

4) No need to jump into the sack to prove to your new partner that you're a wild thang. Get to know one another first. There's absolutely no rush to close the proverbial deal.

5) It's important to remember that while a new relationship is exciting and exhilarating, you must maintain your own life. That means nights out with friends, time spent away from your (potential) mate, and the ability to enjoy being alone.

6) You're a partner, not minder. You don't have to be your new love's babysitter, mother, or his or her everything. Likewise, he or she doesn't have to be yours. Ditch the possessiveness and embrace that he or she has a life to live too!

7) Don't hesitate to talk through any issues you see that may arise. ALL relationships have problems sometimes - there's no reason to think that yours will be any different. Ignoring the problems, can create even bigger ones. Be frank and open about your concerns.

8) Not every partner is "the one." That may sound a little sad because we all want to feel we've found our soul mate, but remember that true love takes time. And not every person you date will be someone worthy of falling madly in love with.

9) Don't pretend to be someone else. As tempting as it can be to morph into your new partner's "perfect mate," you are who you are. It's something to be embraced, not changed.

10) Let go of past hurts and scars on your heart. Just because your last few partners hurt you doesn't mean this partner will. Make sure all old scars are as healed as possible before embarking on your new journey.

Any other tips for dating new partners?


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