Bride Admits She Put Pretty Bridesmaids in Ugly Dresses (VIDEO)

There's nothing like having your friends and family around for your big day -- your wedding! Nothing can compare to having those you love most watch you pledge your troth to your life partner. And, hey, if those people you love look like utter crap, then all the better! Bwahahaha!!! Uh, seriously? Who thinks like that? Well, one woman does. Actually, probably a lot of women do, judging by all of the horrible-looking bridesmaids dresses out there, but one bridezilla on Coffee Shop Confessions is willing (at least anonymously) to admit that she picked the most awful bridesmaids dresses she could find on purpose. That's right, the Pepto Bismol pink dresses with the big poufy shoulders and back ruffles that make your ass look like the world's largest watermelon were picked on purpose! 


Our anonymous bridezilla starts off by saying that she picked dresses for her bridesmaids that are "ill-fitting, poorly-made, and won't look good on anyone." She says, "It might be cruel, but I don't care. I want all eyes on me." She adds that her bridesmaids are all pretty, so this might have something to do with her attitude.

Someone is marrying this woman? I can't believe she actually has friends. She must do a good job of hiding her insecurities and selfishness; otherwise, I can't believe she'd get anyone to RSVP to her big day. Has she thought about the fact that her bridesmaids will pay for these dresses, will buy her and her groom a gift of her choice, and may even have to shell out for childcare, take time off work, and buy hotel and plane tickets? While her friends are busy rearranging their schedules and spending money they may not have to make her day special, she's busy trying to ruin theirs. Talk about passive aggressive.

Of the panel, most agreed this was disrespectful. "Surround me with love so I can make you look terrible," jokes Simon. But Tia took the opposite tack. She thinks it's the bride's day, so she can do whatever she wants with it. Tia contends that no matter how ugly the dress is, she'd put it on for her friend.

I agree I'd probably do that (aren't most bridesmaids dresses hideous anyway?), but I'd have to think twice if I knew that the bride was deliberately sticking me in something to make me look as disgusting as possible. That's okay, though. I'd get my revenge with a wheelbarrow glass table or a ceramic fish statue wedding gift. Take that, bridesmaids sabotager!

Here's what the panel had to say about it:

What do you think about what this woman did?

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