7 Signs It's Totally Time to Dump Him

There are a lot of things that go along with romantic relationships: love, companionship, commitment ... and breakups. Breakups happen to (almost) all of us, which means that we've all experienced the "should I stay or should I go?" moments in our lives. Sometimes, they can be cut and dried, but other times, it's a whole big mess.

Here are some signs that it's TOTALLY time to dump him.


1) He talks trash about you. Maybe it's to an ex. Maybe it's to his coworkers. Maybe it's to the guys. Either way, you've found out he's talking smack, and really, how can you trust someone with so little regard for you?

2) You caught him cheating. Infidelity in any relationship is a hard pill to swallow, so if you don't think that cheating is one of those things you'll be able to "get over," dump him.

3) Playing interference. We all have families, and many of us aren't super close to them. That's okay. But when your boyfriend's sister's best friend's girlfriend is quick to try and mess with your relationship? It's time to take a closer look at your partner.

4) You want to get married. He doesn't. When the desire for marriage is very one-sided, it's time to take a hard look at your relationship to determine whether or not you want to wait around to see if he's going to change his mind.

5) Different strokes. Sure, different strokes rule the world, but do they have to ruin your relationship? Do you want to share a life with someone whose beliefs are vastly dissimilar? Be warned: while it may not be a problem initially, this is a lasting condition, not something that is likely to change.

6) Mama's boy. You found yourself a Mama's Boy. Sure, that's sweet that he adores his mom, but really, if she's going to start causing drama in your life -- and bad-mouthing you -- consider whether or not this relationship is worth a lifetime of meddling by his mother.

7) You can't stop fighting. You argue about which side of the bed you sleep on. The way he can't put the cap on the toothpaste. The way he doesn't text you when he says he will. Constant arguing with each other is a good sign that the relationship is on a fast-track to nowhere.

What are some other reasons you should dump your guy?


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