Men's Underwear Decoded: His Skivvies Reveal How Good He Is in Bed

men in underwearIt's 5:45 p.m. and the lights are turned down low. Two mugs of room temperature boxed wine are resting on top of that awesome stand-alone fireplace you bought last year from those friendly Amish folks on the TV. Your R. Kelly mix CD is poised for play, and so are you. Slowly, seductively, your male friend takes off his shirt and you think, Is that chest hair and a third nipple? Score. You take your eyes off the forest that is his sagging breasts long enough to see a Redskins helmet tattoo peeking out from his elastic jeans waistband, and you're into it. Then he takes a deliberate, sexy walk around your air mattress and stops to remove his pants, revealing his underwear. The moment of truth has arrived.

Here are 5 things your man's underwear says about his style in the boudoir. Bow chicka bow wow.


Photo via nathanmac87/Flickr

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