7 Reasons Your Mystery Man Doesn't Want to Talk About His Feelings

Men. That word alone can make any number of us roll our eyes, laugh bitterly, or smile (if we've been fortunate enough to have found a soulmate). Men, they're enigmatic creatures. I wouldn't go so far as to say they're from another planet, but I would say that they can be incredibly hard to read.

Especially when it comes to feelings. While you're gearing up for a good old emotions talk, he's ... well, not. Why? And how can you get over that?


1) He's insecure. Most men are raised to be strong and brave, which means they're not "supposed" to have feelings. So when you want to talk about emotions with your guy, go ahead and reassure him that feelings are all valid - he's allowed to talk about them.

2) He's got trust issues. Maybe it was a bad relationship or three. Maybe it was his upbringing. Maybe it's just the way he is. Either way, he's afraid to bring up how he feels around you. Show - don't tell - him that you're reliable and trustworthy, by saying what you mean, doing what you say you'll do, and being honest with him.

3) He's afraid to hurt you. Sometimes, guys don't want to talk about their feelings because they're afraid you're going to be hurt. This one is up to you, ladies - you can't control him, but you can show him that you can handle his feelings like a big girl by not losing your cool and hearing him out.

4) You don't let him finish. Rather than hearing him out, you react to his first few sentences, then talk over him. Ladies, let him finish talking and wait your turn.

5) Some Most guys just don't dig talking about that stuff. Doesn't mean they don't want to hear YOU talk about it, so go easy on him if that's the case.

6) You ask loaded questions. Questions like, "What are you thinking about?" mean you MAY be (in his mind) trying to talk about the future, pressure him, or get a compliment. If he's thinking about astrophysics, this can make him stammer. So ask lighter or more pointed questions if you want an answer. Then be prepared to take whatever it is that he says.

7) You're constantly questioning. Most dudes don't want to be put through the third degree each and every day. Sometimes, ladies, you have to put those insecurities to bed and just let your man be!

What other reasons do men not want to talk about their feelings?

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