Bill Clinton's Alleged Sexual Fantasy Is the Exact Same One Most Men Have

Bill ClintonSo let it be known from on high that former President Bill Clinton likes him some threesomes. The source for this juicy bit of gossip is his former mistress Monica Lewinsky whose memoir the Enquirer says will reveal Clinton's penchant for more than one lady at a time. Oh yeah. It goes there.

So a man likes threesomes! Say it isn't so (I am kidding). Let's be serious for a moment: what man DOESN'T like a threesome? It's two women at once and one man. What's not to love?

Let's review: If a straight man likes women, he gets two. If he likes girl on girl action, he gets that, too. If he likes that which is "taboo," well, hello. This works there, too! For a man to like a threesome, it's a no-brainer.


But does the fantasy REALLY live up to the hype. I asked an anonymous man who has had more than one threesome just how "hot" it really was. The results? Were surprising.

"In my experience I find watching two women have sex pretty boring," he told me. Really? Wow. Of the multiple threesomes this friend has had, only two have been "great." The rest? Only so-so.

It's an awkward thing, really. In the right circumstances, when no one is committed and jealousy isn't a problem, a threesome can be (almost) as hot as men imagine.

As for women, they seem a little more lukewarm on the idea of threesomes. Though a few have engaged in them, they've usually been in the kind that involve two women. A woman saying she fantasizes about two men? Well, she must be a slut. Right? I mean, she has to be. After all, who else would want to be with two men?

Therein lies my issue with the whole "threesome" thing. Sure, group sex is great, but only if it's an equal opportunity kind of thing. If we're getting into some male fantasy born of porn and not really into what people truly want sexually (without judgement), then it seems a little silly.

Bill Clinton (or anyone) wanting a threesome is like Bill Clinton (or any man) liking porn. News at 11. What would be SHOCKING is if he were into something unique.

I think it's safe to say that most of our Presidents have, at some point, wanted a threesome with two females. Yes, even George Washington.

Why do you think the threesome is such a fantasy for men?


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