8 Scary Sex Toys That Will Make You Want Your Mommy (PHOTOS)

8 Scary Sex Toys That Will Make You Want Your Mommy (PHOTOS)

weird sex toysSex toys are one of those things some people love and some people hate. We all have different things that turn us on and that is totally OK. Until it's not.

It's true that SOME people's ideas of what is appropriate is going to be different than others'. Some people who might enjoy a good butt plug will take immediate offense to one with a piggy tail. Someone else (who?) might think that is sexy. Whatever floats their boat, right?

Still, there are some weird and awful sex toys out there. With this in mind, behold the eight weirdest sex toys we could find. Beware. These are NSFW and may haunt your nightmares. See below:

  • Area 51 Love Doll


    Image via Amazon

    This may or may not be a joke, but my guess is someone out there (OUT there) finds this hot. After all, if two boobs are sexy, then what about three? I can imagine exactly the kind of guy who would get off on this ...

  • Virgin Mary Dildo


    I am not a religious person. I am also not Christian. But dude. I still think this MIGHT be a little sacrilegious. Just a thought. I do wonder about the person would purchase this. Is the idea of defiling the Virgin Mary really such a fantasy for someone?

  • Blow Job Machine


    Image via xtoychina/YouTube

    I guess if you can't get a blow job from a real woman, this terrifying machine is the next best thing? Maybe? Personally, if I had a penis, I would be scared to insert it. It doesn't seem guaranteed to come back. But, you never know. I guess.

  • Foot Fetish


    Image via Adult Toy Shoppe

    Foot fetishes are weird. I am sorry. They are. Foot sex toys, on the other hand? FREE-KAY.

  • Anal Ring Toss


    Image via The Pleasure Chest

    If this turns you on ... then WTF? I mean seriously. WTF? I guess if you are into humiliation, you might like to have something stuck in your bum and then have men try to toss a ring on it? I guess? But yuck. Just yuck.

  • Oral Trainer


    Image via Shop in Private

    This is for the man who has everything ... but a strong tongue.

  • Artificial Hymen


    Image via Hymen Shop

    This one is a little depressing. But let's ignore that for a moment. Fake hymen. For the man whose virgin fantasy can't come true ... and the woman who thinks bleeding is sexy.

  • Spandex Binder Suit


    Image via Sub-Shop

    Another day, another terrifying binder suit. Hello, claustrophobia. If this is your thing, great. As for me, I am having a panic attack just looking at it.

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