5 Tips to Help You Get Over Your Jerky Ex Fast (PHOTOS)

Ericka Sóuter | Sep 14, 2012 Love & Sex
5 Tips to Help You Get Over Your Jerky Ex Fast (PHOTOS)

broken heartA broken heart wouldn't be called a broken heart if it didn't hurt so damn bad. I have a good friend who recently went through a crushing split, and even though she knew this guy was a total jerk, it didn't make the end of the romance any easier. Though, there are some surefire ways to get that man out of your mind -- and heart.

Take a look at the best -- and fastest -- ways to get over a bad breakup.

Do you have any tested tips for getting over a split?


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  • Go for the quick rebound


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    Move on with lightning speed. No need to mourn some guy who's history, and the quickest way to forget is by getting lost in kisses from a new love.

  • Look super hot


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    It's not just a cliche. Looking good is the best revenge. Even if you are still a little blue, put on your best “I’m a total babe” face. Make sure he knows you are not going to just wallow with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

  • Sow your wild oats


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    This is the perfect time to go a little wild. I'm not saying sleep with every guy who smiles at you in the bar, but the occasional hookup will be fun. You deserve to let loose after wasting away years on your no-good ex.

  • Go for someone totally different


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    Pick a guy who is completely opposite your ex. That Harley-riding bad boy didn't work out for you, so why go for the same type. Try a bookworm or artsy dude. You will be pleasantly surprised and he won't ever remind you of that loser you used to date.

  • Expose the jerk


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    Talking about what a jerk your former boyfriend is can be incredibly cathartic. So pull a Taylor Swift and let the world know what an a**hole he is.


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