The 8 Best Things About Being in a Committed Relationship

Monogamy gets a pretty bad rap from a lot of different corners - people who've divorced, those who are single, people who just like to hook up. They're not huge fans of being exclusive.

And they have a point (to some degree or another) because monogamy, if it's not with the right kind of person, isn't worth it. In fact, dating someone you don't want to be monogamous with (or who doesn't want to be monogamous with you) is a waste of time.

But monogamy comes with a lot of good stuff too, providing you have the right partner. Here are some of the best parts of being in a monogamous relationship.


1) Hand-holding. If your relationship is monogamous, it means that there's no weirdness about a cuddle during a movie or hand-holding while walking along the river. It comes naturally and it can bring even the most jaded of us some happiness.

2) You don't have to worry about safe sex. That doesn't mean you shouldn't insist that you and your partner get tested for STDs, only that you're less likely to pick up something from someone who's been with just you for a length of time.

3) You don't have to worry about defining your relationship. It's been defined already and you can feel both safe and secure in your partnership.

4) You both have someone you can tell your secrets to. Even the ugly ones. True partners share the good and the bad about their lives, and it's wonderful to have a safe place like your relationship where you can discuss your innermost secrets and desires.

5) You truly love each other. There's no better reason to be in a monogamous relationship than the love. If you're really in love with your partner, you can't imagine sharing your bed or your life without each other.

6) You don't have to worry about your partner seeing other people. If you're both monogamous, you don't have to deal with the jealousy, the rampant texting from the "other" girls. It's just the two of you!

7) In a good monogamous relationship, there is mutual respect. You respect your partner and he or she respects you just as much. That's a vital part of romantic (and other kinds of) relationships.

8) You have someone out there you can truly trust not to hurt you, screw you over, or do you wrong. You're allowed to be vulnerable and open up to your partner without the fear that he or she will reject you for your confessions.

What are some other reasons monogamy is amazing?

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