7 Kinds of Sex to Avoid at All Costs

Sex. It's such a simple, animalistic instinct. But it can be a wonderful, intimate time you spend with someone you love dearly or a great way to release pent-up frustrations. There's a lot to like about sex.

But not all sex is created equal, which is why it's important to avoid THIS kind.


1) Coercion Sex - one of the worst types of sex to engage in is the sex that you don't really want to have, but you're doing it because if you do it he'll just leave you alone and let you go back to sleep. While it might SEEM like the path of least resistance, it'll make you feel badly enough about yourself after the fact that it's just not worth it.

2) Obligatory Sex - while this type of bad sex goes hand-in-hand with coercion, it's a little different. This is the type of sex you have out of obligation, because you feel like it's your duty as a wife or girlfriend. Not very fun or romantic.

3) Rebound Sex - while most of us have had this kind of sex after our hearts are broken, it's not the kind that truly tends to make us feel better. It often ends up making us feel worse because we've just given away an intimate piece of ourselves -- and for what? It's not like the person who broke our heart cares.

4) Depressed Sex - most of us don't feel turned on in the slightest while we're feeling down. While sex does release endorphins (our brain's pleasure chemicals), we need to be in the mood for sex before we can consider it to be worthwhile.

5) 'If I Give It Up, He'll Love Me' Sex - it happens. We dig a guy - a lot - and we feel as though if we have sex with him, we'll end up getting him to fall for us. It doesn't work that way, and no condoms can protect the heartbreak it can cause us.

6) Wasted Sex - it may SEEM like a good idea to go home with that cute guy from the bar and get down and dirty. But if you're drunk and about to engage in sexual activity, you're more likely to take risks and put yourself in a dangerous situation.

7) UN-Safe Sex - sure he says he's infertile. Or that he's clean. But how do you know it's true? His word? You're placing your own personal well-being at risk if you decide that un-safe sex is okay. And that's not good.

What are some of the other types of sex to avoid?


Image via Zorah Olivia/Flickr

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