Christian Grey & Anastasia Steele Should Move to the 'Most Sexually Satisfied City'

mapAnd the city that's having the hottest sex is ... haha! Not so fast! I need to tease you before divulging such information (much like the people in this fair city apparently do with their partners -- zing!). Come on, take a guess. Think it's overworked, need-to-blow-off-steam New York? Wrong! Think it's land of the beautiful people, Los Angeles? Nope! How about sexy Miami? Wrong again! The answer to "Who is the most sexually satisfied city in the U.S.?" will truly shock you -- not only because it's kind of random, but because it's claimed this top (heh) spot twice now. And the nine cities that follow it will surprise you just as much.


Indianapolis, Indiana, you dirty bird. That's right, for the second time (once in 2008), Indianapolis comes out as the most sexually satisfied city in America. Here's the list in full:

1. Indianapolis, Indiana
2. Columbus, Ohio
3. Fort Wayne, Indiana
4. Cincinnati, Ohio
5. Salt Lake City, Utah
6. San Antonio, Texas
7. Denver, Colorado
8. Austin, Texas
9. Boise City, Idaho
10. Chicago, Illinois

The "research" was conducted by Men's Health and took things like condom sales, birth rates, and sales of sex toys into account. They also came up with this snappy intro: "Every year, the field of drivers in the Indianapolis 500 burns through a ton of rubber, but then so do the locals ..." Fantastic.

So, if this survey holds any truth, it looks like we're all going to have to move to the Midwest if we want to be satisfied, sexually -- they've got 6 out of the 10 spots on this list. I mean, damn, guys. Won't you let us "coasters" in on your secret?

Do you live in one of these super sexay cities?

Image via davidrossharris/Flickr

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