10 Ridiculously Outdated Dating Rules -- Revised!

There are so many "rules" you're supposed to follow when you start dating someone. Some people even swear by these outdated rules, which makes me sad in the pants because really, we're not in the 1960s any longer. And those rules are mostly a crock of crap.

Without further ado, I will present these outdated relationship rules, debunk them, and offer some much better, newer, more applicable alternatives.


Outdated Rule 1: The man always pays when you go out.

Revised Rule: Make a play for the check once it comes because it will make you look super-powerful and completely independent.

Outdated Rule 2: Men open doors for ladies.

Revised Rule 2: Make getting the door a game - whoever gets it first is the winner and clearly stronger (not to mention better-looking).

Outdated Rule 3: The guy needs to call first.

Revised Rule 3: Without stalking him and calling him 87,264 times and hanging up when he answers, there's NO REASON you can't call a guy you've just met to say "hi."

Outdated Rule 4: Playing hard-to-get is sexy.

Revised Rule 4: Playing hard-to-get is bitchy. Dudes don't dig bitchy chicks. Doesn't mean you need to stalk the guy, but you can be clear about what you want and don't want in a relationship.

Outdated Rule 5: When you're dating someone serious, you have to be joined at the hip.

Revised Rule 5: You're not conjoined twins - keep your time together special and don't let that impact the rest of your life. Otherwise, you might have to have that surgery to be removed from each other and NO ONE wants that.

Outdated Rule 6: Neither of you had much of a romantic past before you got together and it was deliberate -- you both were "saving yourselves."

Revised Rule 6: There's no reason to pretend you live in a Disney movie and had been waiting for your knight in shining armor. Wake up, Princess, and smell the 21st century!

Outdated Rule 7: You can't do the deed until you've been on at least 37 dates.

Revised Rule 7: As long as you're safe about the sex you're having and you feel comfortable when you decide to go for it, why wait? Sex is a normal, healthy thing to do, and while you don't have to be slutty, it's healthy to want to have sex with someone you like.

Outdated Rule 8: Date night is on Saturday. End of story.

Revised Rule 8: Saturday is Saturday and spend it as you please - with or without your partner. I suggest Monster Truck Rallies, but those tend to be on Sunday, if my television isn't lying.

Outdated Rule 9: Don't move in together before you're engaged.

Revised Rule 9: Don't move in together before you're READY to move in together. It's a big step. And if you want to waltz down the aisle with this guy, it's probably a safer bet to do so AFTER you know if you're good at being roommates.

Outdated Rule 10: Marriage is the end-all-be-all, so that should be your ultimate goal.

Revised Rule 10: While marriage can be a wonderful union, it's not necessary for survival. You can be domestic partners for as long as you so desire. Don't let ANYONE talk you into marriage before you're ready.

What are some other outdated relationship rules we need to revise?


Image via labdog2010/Flickr

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