5 Silly Men Single Moms Will Have to Dodge When Dating (PHOTOS)

Ericka Sóuter | Sep 7, 2012 Love & Sex
5 Silly Men Single Moms Will Have to Dodge When Dating (PHOTOS)

karate guyDating is hard. It's even harder when you are doing it after a divorce. Add on the fact that you have kids now, well, it may seem easier to broker peace in the Middle East than finding Mr. Right ... again. That's what a couple of my single mom friends are going through.

They have been out of the dating game for a 7 plus years and boy has the love landscape changed. "Guys don't want to pay for dinner unless they know you are going to put out," lamented one pal. "I'm l like seriously?! You won't pay the Olive Garden?" Other dating disappointments? Guys who are too into their cars,oddly obsessed with Twilight, and one who actually insisted on knowing her bra size the first time they met. And the list goes on and on.

Here are five more ridiculous guys you will undoubtedly run into once you start playing the field.


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  • Game Boy


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    He just can't help himself. No matter what you two are chatting about, he will find some way of directing the conversation back to his high school or college sports glory days.

    You: Wow. It's boiling out there.

    Him: Yea. Last time it was this hot, I almost passed out trying to score a touchdown during the homecoming game.

  • The Faux Father


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    This guy will swear up and down he loves kids and is practically a dad already. The reason? He sometimes hangs with his brother's or friend's kids. Don't be fooled. He has no idea what he's talking about. Does he get up every morning at 5 a.m.? Has he ever cleaned up projectile vomit or diarrhea? As soon as he gets a dose of your reality, he may pull a Usain Bolt and flee.

  • The Kung Foo Fogie


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    This is the guy who will tell you it's pronounced "kaa-raat-tay" if you dare mispronounce it. He loves preaching to you about how "gooooood" it is for your body and soul. So annoying. This obsession with martial arts could be a new-found appreciation for a zen-like sport, but I bet it's just a heck of a lot safer than risking a herniate disc playing football in the park with younger guys.

  • The Mama's Man


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    It's always a great sign when a guys has a good relationship with his mom. However, run for the hills if mom has yet to cut the cord by age 35. Warning signs: She still picks out his clothes, he still lives with her, and, while you are out to dinner or grabbing drinks at the bar, she calls to check in.

  • Mr. 50/50


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    Better come with your cash. The idea of treating you to a night is a foreign concept to this "Modern Man." Nothing is less romantic than a date splitting the dinner, tickets and gas bill down to the last cent.

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