Committed Husband Walks Miles to Find a Kidney for Sick Wife (VIDEO)

If there's any complaint I've heard over and over again from women in their 20s and 30s about men, it's that it's so hard to get a man to DO anything for you. They send endless text messages but won't ask you out on a date. They forget Valentine's Day and plan nothing special for your birthday. They don't carry heavy bags for you, open doors, or pull out chairs. Is it an age thing? Are older men, who grew up with the idea of "chivalry," more proactive doers? From my experience, yes. So it's not totally surprising that William Larry Swilling, who is 77, is willing to do whatever it takes to help out his wife, who is sick. I mean, whatever it takes. Listen to this ...


William's wife of 56 years, Jimmy Sue, was born with one kidney. And unfortunately that kidney is beginning to fail. When William and the couple's three children didn't have the right type of blood to be a donor, William decided to do whatever was necessary to get a kidney for his wife. Even if that meant getting off the couch (you listening, fellas?).

Every spare moment that William isn't working, he walks. And he walks with a sign tied around him that says, "Need Kidney 4 Wife." Williams walks miles every day around the streets of Anderson, South Carolina, and has so far collected six pages of names of people willing to be tested to see if they're a donor match.

Jimmy Sue seems to already know she has a major catch in her hubs. She told CNN: "I know Larry will do everything possible for me." Wow, maybe this is a Southern thing? I tell you, you don't get too many guys like this in the big city.

With all of the divorce, betrayal, and just plain horrible relationships I read about every day, this kind of reminds me why people aspire to the ideal of marriage. Larry says:

I love her more now than I believe when I married her because we're not two, we're one. We need each other and we've been together so long.

I have a feeling that if Larry has anything to say about it, Jimmy Sue will end up with a new kidney, and these two will see their diamond anniversary.

Is your husband as dedicated as Larry?

Image via WTSP

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