7 Ways to Have Hot Sex After Having a Baby

Everyone assumes that sex after a baby is a myth, kinda like how people say that once you get married, the sex goes away, or the claim that there are actually fat free foods that taste good.

But having sex after having a baby isn't a myth at all. People with babies are having sex right this very minute, believe me!

Feeling sexy after giving birth can be a little tricky, but it's not impossible! So what are we waiting for? Let's get you in the mood!


1) Find a babysitter. One of the key things you need to feel sexy post-baby is a relaxing setting. Lying in your bedroom with the baby monitor next to your head, one ear cocked, listening for your bundle of joy to wake up for his feeding is NOT the way to unwind.

2) Slip into something more comfortable. You know what's not sexy? Baby spit-up on your shirt and diaper goo under your nails. Take some time to get ready - take a nice hot bath and get some real alone time (stop laughing - it can happen!). Find a fresh shirt and some clean undies if that's the best you can do on short notice.

3) Be prepared to lube up, especially if you're nursing. So next time you make a diaper run, pick up a nice new bottle of lubricant and be liberal when you use it. Vaginal dryness comes with the nursing territory.

4) Remind yourself that you're hot. So what if you've got a bit of a baby pootch? Those are battle scars, not something to be ashamed of. They'll be gone before you know it.

5) Turn off the lights. So many of us feel unsexy after we've popped out a baby. To fully get yourself in the mood, sometimes you need some mood lighting -- or the lights off completely. That's okay. Just be prepared to eventually turn 'em back on!

6) Put a towel on it. If you're nursing, weaning, or just plain leaking breastmilk, sometimes letdown occurs while you're in the middle of getting down and dirty, which can be a total shock. Prepare yourself.

7) Splurge on a new outfit in your actual size if you have no sexy clothes that fit or clothes that make you feel good about yourself. If you hate the number, rip out the tag. The better you feel about yourself, the more likely it is you'll want to get busy.

Is having good sex after baby just a fantasy?


Image via N8tr0n/Flickr

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