Sex Tapes & 4 More Past Relationship Mistakes You Should Never Mention Again

Ericka Sóuter | Sep 5, 2012 Love & Sex
Sex Tapes & 4 More Past Relationship Mistakes You Should Never Mention Again

kim kardashian, Kanye WestSome things should just be off-limits in a new relationship. No open door bathroom use. No 20-hour road trips. But perhaps the biggest budding romance killer may be a boyfriend who just can't let go of the past -- your past. 

Case in point: some dudes just can't ignore the fact their girlfriend made sex tape with someone else. And if millions of people had actually seen said sex tape, well, there is no way he's gonna get over that. So I'm not surprised Kim Kardashian's film debut (with ex Ray J) is at the top of Kanye West's mind. Though mentioning that nasty piece of work in his new song "clique" is a big No-No, especially if he plans to make her his wifey someday. His insecurities about it will grow old fast and he risks annoying Kim as much as her ex Kris Humphries clearly does.

Here are four other old relationship mistakes your and your man should never bring up again:

What are other things you wish your man would just get over or forget?


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  • Ink Stained


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    A tattoo of an ex's name always spells disaster. Nothing like a constant reminder of the jerk you dated before him. Everyone will be much happier if you get it lasered off. Eva Longoria got Tony Parker's jersey number removed from her neck after their divorce -- a move her new man no doubt appreciates.

  • I Kissed a Girl


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    We all know how guys obsess over girl-on-girl action. If you tell him about your coed crush, he'll endless fantasize about it, much to your annoyance. If you still happen to be friends with this woman -- you'll have to watch him drool every time she walks in the door.

  • Really Sweet Dreams


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    That sex dream you had about your ex, his best friend, or any other living/breathing male will drive him crazy. I guarantee he will bring it up every time that person is within a hundred mile radius. Just keep it to yourself. If he asks what had you smiling in your sleep, tell him rainbows and ice cream.

  • Mama's Boy


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    Hearing your mom talk about how great your ex was is like a knife to the heart for a new guy. Tell her to reminisce in private or your man will turn bitter about it really quick.

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