Kidnapping the Bride Is Latest & Craziest Wedding Trend

brideHey, remember when getting married was a simple affair where your dad chose your groom, handed over a donkey or two, and bada bing bada boom, you're husband and wife? Nowadays it's just so complicated, with the picking of the man yourself, the deciding on the location, the DJ vs. band debate, and the kidnapping. Mmm hmm, in Romania, kidnapping the bride is, like, a thing. One minute you're dancing with your friends and family, finally enjoying a piece of that cake you stressed over for months, and bam, you're whisked away in a white limo by guys dressed like terrorists and taken to a Bucharest landmark where you're expected to feign fear and take "help me" photos while your groom gathers a ransom and meets you at the Romanian Arc de Triomphe.

And we thought our chicken dance tradition was bizarre.


The bride-napping movement has gained steam over the last few years, and apparently, it's not uncommon to see 20 or so brides under the national landmark, kidnapped and awaiting their just-made-official husbands to rescue them by turning over some booze, or a love note, to their captures.

It's all fun and games, but it sounds like a fun and a game I'd rather partake in during rush week at college instead of during my wedding, but hey, whatever gets you going.

This bride-napping tradition kind of reminds me of that new trend of trashing your wedding dress after the ceremony. Evidently, brides are taking to frolicking around in water to ruin their dresses, lest they just sit in a closet for the rest of eternity, gathering dust. Unfortunately, one woman drowned recently while trashing her dress -- it got too heavy with all the water and she was pulled under. Terrible.

I also recently heard about a wedding trend where couples had photographers come over to their hotel suite in the morning to capture "morning after" shots, which, you know, are just TMI. I don't know who wants to see those photos, and I'm pretty sure the father or the bride would sooner die than be forced to see those pics in a post-wedding slideshow.

Anyway, whether you're in Romania or Vancouver or Virginia, the best part about getting hitched is that you can (mostly) do it your way, and if that means you're kidnapped and held for ransom or photographed just after you "had sex for the first time", then cheers. Happy wife, happy life.

What's the weirdest wedding tradition you've heard of?


Photo via Mr Byber/Flickr

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