Awkward Marriage Proposal Spreads the Love at the RNC (VIDEOS)

couple engaged at RNCBlame Kim Kardashian and her reality TV show wedding or the groom who did the over-the-top flash mob proposal, but either way, there seems to be a new very public marriage proposal making news every week! This week, all eyes were on the Republican National Convention, so it's no wonder someone decided to get down on one knee and pop the question on the stage of the Tampa Bay Times forum.

You might think that someone who would choose the RNC as the spot to propose might be very passionately Republican/delegates. But that's not necessarily the case for the couple, Bradley Thompson, a production manager for the convention and GF of three years, Laura Bowman, who is a production coordinator. 


The cute pair wouldn't actually tell camera crews what party they support, which is totally cool. They shouldn't have had to. Perhaps Bradley just thought the RNC presented an exciting opportunity to propose in a big way.

The one question everyone (well, at least those who weren't super-close to the situation) seemed to ask me when my fiance and I got engaged was, "Did you expect it?" Laura seemed to. The couple had picked the ring together (cute!), but she wasn't completely clued in that it was going to happen this week. When she was called for a sound check, she suspected something was up. And the rest will go down in history -- for Bradley and Laura and oh yeah, the Republican party.

It sure will make for a memory the two of them will never, ever forget. Not to mention that I'm sure they're going to love telling their proposal story for years to come.

Here's the actual, admittedly kinda awkward proposal ...

And the behind-the-scenes news story on the couple ...

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And now, go on, weigh in ... Getting engaged at the RNC: Cute or crazy?

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