Dumb Guy in Love Mails Himself to Girlfriend in Box & Almost Dies

Cardboard boxLove can make guys do some pretty stupid things. Heck, so can beer and a woman wearing a tight sweater. But this story makes even us regular guys look like Einsteins.

Apparently, a young Casanova in southern China named Hu Seng wanted to play a prank on his girlfriend Li Wang. With the help of a friend, he put himself in a large cardboard box, then had the friend seal it up tight and give it to a courier to deliver to his unsuspecting lady.

Just like a bad episode of Three's Company, those zany delivery men mixed up the address, and instead of taking 30 minutes to deliver Mr. Seng, took almost three hours. The poor guy was passed out and needed to be revived by paramedics when he arrived. Seems the cardboard was too thick for him to rip a hole in, and he didn't want to shout out and ruin the surprise.


Okay, now before I get into the overall stupidity of this entire prank, I have to say that this story itself is full of way more holes than the misplaced parcel.

How stupid do you have to be not to put at least one air hole in a box you're taped up in? Plus, how could the couriers have no idea what was in the box? Humans aren't rectangular, so the second they tried lifting the box, Mr. Seng would've shifted and caused some suspicion with the driver. Right?

Not to mention that unless the cardboard was made of steel and Hu Seng weighs only a few pounds, it certainly would've caved in a bit when lifted.

So yeah, no way I buy that this story is real for a second. At least some of it has to be exaggerated or made up. But let's pretend it is real.

Is this a loving gesture to impress your girlfriend? Not really. Seems kind of lame to me. In fact, it'd probably backfire big time. What, your girlfriend's supposed to be even more in love with you after she opens a package at work, and you pop out and scare the crap out of her in front of all her co-workers? Nothing like embarrassing AND scaring your significant other in front of her peers to get her to adore you even more.

Instead, why not dress up as a mailman yourself and hand-deliver some roses right to her desk? Or if you want to send her a package, fill it with photos of you, love poems, sentimental items, homemade cookies, anything. Anything but your own sweaty, passed-out body. Nobody wants a "romantic" surprise gift like that.

What's the stupidest thing your boyfriend's ever done to impress you?

Image via Mei Burgin/Flickr

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