Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Are Going to Meet Face to Face -- Finally!

Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart

It's ON, everyone! Robert Pattinson has finally agreed to meet face to face with Kristen Stewart to hash things out! And they're going to do it outside of a Starbucks in West Hollywood and alert some paps so we can all see what's going on! Ha. No, probably not that last part, though who knows with these Hollywood types. I wouldn't be shocked if that happened. Word (re: gossip) has it that after an "hour-long emotional" phone call between the former love birds -- yes! they got on the phoooooone! -- RPattz was persuaded to see Kristen and get her side of the story. Be still my rapidly beating heart, will we all survive waiting to find out what this means?!


According to a one of those trusty sources, this is how the whole convo went down: (Thank goodness either KStew or RPattz -- or both? -- had this very personal conversation with a "source" right there taking notes!)

She begged to meet face to face so they could talk. It was obvious Kristen was getting through to Rob and he has agreed to see her. In fact, he admitted that it must be worse for her because she's not just dealing with heartbreak, but being portrayed as a villain, while he gets all the sympathy.

Ugh, sounds like Rob needs to read Vampires Who Love Too Much. He's convinced himself this whole thing is worse for him than for her. Next he'll believe it was all ... his ... faaaault.

Apparently after RPattz saw that there were "Kristen Stewart is a Trampire" T-shirts for sale, he decided it was time to meet up with his ex. After all, she is HIS trampire! (He also decided not to wear the T-shirt he bought when he was still so damn ANGRY.)

So anywaze, back to the supposed phone call. Kristen begged and pleaded with Rob to take her back and to trust her again. But even if Rob does give her another chance, he's going to set some "rules" in place. Dun dun duuuuuun. The rules say:

- They have to see each other between film projects "like Brad and Angelina do."

- She has to spend more time in Rob's hometown of London.

Hm, these rules don't sound that off the wall to me. Seeing each other? Spending time in the same country? Sounds kind of, uh, normal for a couple? Am I missing something?

But I do know that any kind of "setting down rules" is usually a bad sign. People should generally think along the same lines and have the same basic values, goals, and parameters of a relationship. When you start getting all into, "You can't do this, or say that, or speak to this person," it's a huge red flag that you both think differently about important things.

Not to mention that, at the end of the day, people do whatever the hell they want to do. Put a rule in place and watch someone else manage to break it. It's almost better not to have rules, so you can see the way a person naturally behaves. When someone is hiding their behavior because of "rules," it could take you years to figure out what you could have otherwise figured out in a few minutes. When worse comes to worse, buy US Weekly to see what your honey is up to.

Do you think Rob and Kristen will reconcile?


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