'50 Shades of Grey' Is Not a Magic Bullet for Your Sex Life

man and woman feetIf the summer of 2012 is remembered for one thing, it will most likely be that E.L. James' Fifty Shades of Grey gave millions of women's sex lives a steamy boost. We don't need researchers to tell us that! But they are, nonetheless, and so we have stats now on just how much the erotic trilogy has spiced things up in many, many bedrooms ...

A study from Netmums.com found that, on average, women got intimate with their partners just once a week before reading the book, but after finishing it, they were having sex three times a week! Oooh la la! And that's just the tip of the, err, iceberg.


Other highlights: One in eight women are having sex every day. Two-thirds of women said reading the book made their lovemaking last longer ... (The average session is now taking 15 minutes more.) And this is the real clincher: Apparently, now over 40 percent of couples cram in five or more positions each time they have sex. Uh, whaaaat?!

Granted, this is just one survey ... But with sex toy manufacturers admitting their sales are waaaayup, and women (and men!) talking endlessly and much more comfortably about sex (I wonder why?!), it's no surprise people are having more fun in bed. Good for them!

But, at the same time, news like this can be a double-edged sword. It can set the bar at unrealistic levels for other women who finish the books and are disappointed that their sex lives don't feel brand spankin' (ha ha) new overnight. And no one should be made to feel that way. There may be a Fifty Shades baby boom on, but I'm pretty sure there's no contest on for having the best or most Fifty Shades-inspired sex!

What surveys like this Netmum one forget to mention and that we have to remember is that women are benefiting from the books in all different ways -- or benefiting from skipping the books in lieu of something else (like Bared to You by Sylvia Day or porn or a second honeymoon or whatever!). And whichever way and however often you're getting turned on and having sex is what's right for you.

Do you buy these stats? Do you owe a revived sex life to Fifty Shades?

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