10 Ways to Approach That Hot Guy Across the Room

The dating pool can be a really hard place to swim - it's hard to be a 21st-century woman! We're supposed to have it all figured out by now, right? We're supposed to be able to have our careers and our babies and manage to have a hot meal on the table most nights.

Except sometimes we can't.

Sometimes re-entering (or entering) the dating pool can be as confusing as the New York Times Sunday crossword.

Here are some tips to help you help you wade through the delicate waters of dating and approach men with finesse.


1) So you're sitting at this table with your friends and there's that cute guy at the bar over there and you want to know him better. Here's what you do: smile at him. Not like a "come-hither" smile, but a genuine one.

2) Walk tall and be proud. You're a catch, lady, and you know it. Act like it!

3) Be kind. Most guys don't dig on bitchy chicks; they want to meet someone they can bring home to Mom.

4) Be awesome. You're personable and fun just as you are, so let the guy know it!

5) Say something nice. A compliment about his shoes or his watch is always a great conversation starter.

6) Ask him a random question. Something simple like "do you know where the pool cues are?" It's not a sure thing, but if he's interested in you, he'll bite. Most guys like being able to help.

7) Make eye contact with him. Again, not the smouldering kind - just catch his gaze and keep it for a couple seconds.

8) Be blunt without being brutally honest. You think a guy's cute and want to talk to him? Why not do the simplest of them all? "Hello, I'm ..." always works. And if he's not interested? You'll know it and be able to set your sights higher.

9) Make sure the conversation flows naturally. Don't try to get his mother's maiden name, his favorite position in bed, and his Facebook profile all in one fell swoop.

10) Be upfront, not cagey, about what you want. You want his number? Ask for it. And if he says no? His loss. Remember that.

Do you have any advice on how to approach a guy you like?


Image via tj scenes/Flickr

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