Sexy Couple Rattles Their Neighbors With Exceptionally Loud Intercourse

MegaphoneA couple in Australia faces fines and other charges for their wild sex romps that get just a touch too noisy. And by "just a touch," I mean hours of moaning, screaming, and other sounds that need to stop. Neighbors say they are disturbing the peace, and boy, do I get it.

I have lived in condos and apartments for the past 15 years. One of the things I am most thrilled to be leaving behind now that my husband and I are in the process of heading out to suburbia and a real house is the sounds of sex.

It started in college when the girl above me made animal noises (yes, animal noises) all night long. I heard my roommate getting it on one night in a city apartment in Charlestown when I was just out of school and then our neighbors when my husband and I were first married. And that's not all. Over the years, I have heard more sex than I ever need to again in my lifetime. I am done.


So, yes, I feel for these people. It's not all that much fun to hear other having sex. It's especially cloying when it's really loud and keeps you from sleeping!

It's a complicated situation. You also have to feel for any couple who can't have sex the way they want to. If loud sex works for them, who are we to say it's bad?

The solution may involve padding on the walls or some kind of sound proofing. It may involve a move out to the country or some other place far, far away from other homes.

It's not fair to others to keep it rocking all night long. Besides, who is REALLY that loud? It's one thing when you are living on top of each other in apartments, but in houses? For hours? Actually, maybe we are all just jealous.

Personally, my sex life is just not that loud. Or frequent. Or long. So, you know, good for them. Maybe they just need to invest in some good, old-fashioned muzzles.

Have you ever heard other people having sex?


Image via marriedwithluggage/Flickr

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