Kristen Stewart's Ring Finger Says Things With Rob May Not Be What They Seem

K Stew ringsRupert Sanders and Liberty Ross have been playing games with their wedding rings ever since the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal broke. Now, it seems it's Stewart's turn to play. Last week she showed up still sporting the gold ring Robert Pattinson gave her while they were dating. Is this a little case of "I forgot" or is this a sign all these lovers are faking all this for sport? It seems only time will tell.

If the breakup is fake, then well-played to all involved. But maybe this is actually just a way to make people not ask questions. Taking the ring off is a change, but leaving it on is saying, "It's my business and I don't want to discuss it with you." Let's face it: it's far more invasive to ask why someone is STILL wearing their ring than to ask why they took it off.

See the difference?


Different people feel different ways about wedding rings, it's true. For some they are a sign of love and devotion and caring. For others, they are mere baubles and mean very little. I have never known my father to wear a wedding ring, though I don't believe that reflected on how he felt about marriage.

The point of all this is, Kristen may be wearing the ring as a keepsake of a love she still feels, or she may be wearing it because she likes the ring. But my guess is she is doing so to keep people off her back. It's a giant "this is none of your business" sign just as it would be to me if one of my friends was getting divorced and they still had their ring.

I would look at that and assume they were together and I shouldn't ask any more questions.

Maybe that is how we should all approach this KStew debacle. If this is a fake breakup, then we should ignore it. If it's a real one and she wants some privacy ... we should ignore it. What's the common theme here?

Look, Stewart made all this public with her public apology, etc. I am not excusing that as it was silly and obviously a mistake. But now, it just seems like we are analyzing every detail. If she wore the ring, what does it mean? Maybe it means nothing at all.

Do you think her ring finger is saying something?


Image via firemedic58/Flickr

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