10 Hints the Man of Your Dreams Sees You as Just a Friend

There's this totally awesome guy you know and you really, REALLY dig him and you just know that you two would make the most perfect couple ever, if only...

The problem is, you're starting to suspect that he's digging you as just a friend or as "one of the guys," but you're just not sure. I mean, you'd make the most ADORABLE couple! But how do you know what he's thinking without just straight-up asking him? How do you know if he's into you, too, and feels that spark you feel - or if he looks at you and sees FRIEND all over your forehead?

Here are some signs that your crush (he's so perfect!) sees you as just a friend and not the woman of his dreams ...


1) He has all sorts of pet names for you - but they're the wrong kind. They're not "baby doll," or "sweetheart," no. They're "dude," "yo," "bro," or "(your last name)."

2) He rarely calls or texts you first - you're doing the heavy lifting for the friendship. He'll respond if you get in touch, but he doesn't call "just because."

3) He doesn't flirt with you when you're out - unless you're standing by your best friend.

4) He tells you about this chick he's totally digging - and it's not because he wants you to feel jealous.

5) He'll swing by your place... to borrow your Prison Break DVDs and a couple of sodas.

6) When you're out alone, he spends half the time texting other people. A lot of them are other women.

7) When you're out together without his buddies, he's always got to go home by a specific time, even though you KNOW there's nothing going on at home.

8) He only commits to hanging out sometimes - he doesn't seem to have a burning desire to see you.

9) You're always out with him and the guys. In fact, you've actually earned yourself the nickname "dude with boobs."

10) When he sees other guys hitting on you, he gives you a high five rather than a jealous stare.

Have you ever been in this situation - what did you do?


Image via Untitled blue/Flickr

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