Rupert Sanders & Wife Liberty Flash Wedding Ring Fingers Like the Joke's On Us

Rupert SandersIt was only three nights ago that Liberty Ross showed up at the premiere of the movie Lawless sporting a brand spanking new BARE ring finger. Yeah, she put her ringless finger front and center for the photogs -- giving her creepin' director hubby Rupert Sanders the ringless finger, no doubt. But yesterday, Rupert fired back by waving around his own ring finger ... and this one had a wedding ring on. Duh doh dohhhhh. He says toh-may-toe, she says tuh-mah-toe, are they gonna call the whole thing off or whut?! Liberty is clearly on a different page here than Rupert, and that ain't no surprise, because these two seem to have very different views of marriage-related stuff.


Celeb couples, whom I'm almost certain talk to each other more through the press than through the phone (note how Kristen Stewart released her groveling apology to the press when she really only needed to talk to RPattz), have lately made a whole new sport of ring finger flashing. Sometimes they're on. Then they're off! Then they're on!

Mere days after Katie Holmes filed for divorce she was out and about, showing off that ringless finger. Tom didn't take his off until a couple of weeks later. So what does it say when one party in a marriage is still flashing the ring and one not? It says the one still wearing the ring is in deep doo-doo, that's what.

Clearly, Rupert is letting everyone (including Liberty? one hopes) know that he's still dedicated to his marriage. But his idea of being "dedicated" to a marriage is a tad, shall we say, shaky? Check out those pics of him wrapping his tentacles around KStew all over town again in case you're wondering what I mean. He had his ring on then too.

Liberty, on the other hand (the left hand, to be precise) is saying, "I'm not dedicated to this right now, Rup, and you know damn well why!" A source tells US Weekly:

She is very strong and working through it and keeping private about it.

Private, eh? Only in Hollywood would dueling wedding rings be considered "private."
Have you ever taken off your wedding ring while still married? Or left it on while divorced?
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