Was Kristen Stewart Really ‘Seduced’ by Smarmy Rupert Sanders?

kristen stewart robert pattinsonIf you find yourself out for coffee with some of Kristen Stewart's "friends", they'll apparently tell you that her affair with Rupert Sanders wasn't really her fault. Sources "close to Kristen" claim that she was manipulated by the much older director. KStew didn't want anything to do with him at first, but his persistence and his wily ways eventually won her over, and she regrettably went for it.

I agree with the people out there who say that it feels like Kristen's gotten more of her fair share of the blame, but I don't think it's necessarily because she's a woman -- I think in this case it's because she's way more famous than Rupert and has an infinitely huge fan base who desperately cares about her every move. That said, let's talk about this rumor that Rupert is some leering conspirator who just had to have KStew, no matter if she liked it, at first, or not.


Anyone else picture Rupe as this hot but completely smarmy professor in his mid-40s whom all the college girls love for his wit, intellect, and the way he pronounced schedule like shhhedgewull?

Rupert is totally that guy, and Kristen is totally that college senior who thinks she's so mature because she drinks artisan beer and has read Anna Karenina, mostly. You can see her being swept up in his older-manly ways, unable to tell up from down after he's convinced her that "monogamy is unnatural" and that following one's instinct for passion is never something that can be condemned. His lyrical musings become her truth (have I been reading too many posts on Fifty Shades, or what?), and she becomes able to completely compartmentalize her worlds.

That is, of course, until reality sets in. What her worldly professor-director failed to tell her is that there are always consequences. No good deed goes unpunished, and no bad deed goes unnoticed by those around you.

I think it's entirely possible KStew was carried away by Rupert's charm and charisma, and while I'm apt to argue that their 19-year age difference plays a part, Kristen's still not exonerated. Like any 22-year-old, she knows right from wrong. It's just a shame she met someone who was willing to help her forget that.

Do you think Rupert deserves more blame than Kristen?


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