Kristen Stewart Is an Even Bigger Cheating Victim Than Robert Pattinson (VIDEO)

Kristen StewartBe honest, aren't you getting just a little bit sick and tired of hearing about how awful Kristen Stewart is for cheating on Robert Pattinson with married director Rupert Sanders? Because even though I'm a member of the guilty party who labeled her a "dirty cheater" the minute the scandal broke, I find myself backpedaling a bit now that the dust has settled.

Yes, she cheated. And yes, Rupert Sanders was married. But guess what? Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson weren't hitched -- and even though I'm not excusing what she did, she really seems to be taking a lot more heat than she deserves for what went down. And all of the criticism directed towards her seems to be more than a little bit unfair, especially since so many men have cheated in Hollywood who weren't subjected to this kind of backlash.


Yes, I'm talking about Brad Pitt. Um -- hello? Doesn't anyone remember him cheating on Jennifer Aniston with Angelina Jolie while he was still married to her? They were just as serious, if not more committed, than Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, and he certainly didn't hesitate to get all chummy with Angelina when the opportunity arose. And even though he's a scumbag and Angie helped break up his marriage, the two of them are hailed as humanitarians. (Gag me.)

(I'm sorry, but does anyone else see a huge double standard here?)

And aside from the Brad and Angie example, there are those rumors about Robert Pattinson cheating on Kristen Stewart long before she strayed from the relationship -- with Lindsay Lohan of all people! How come no one really made a big deal out of his cheating rumors, but are so willing to jump all over Kristen and label her a "trampire"?

If people are going to be publicly scolded and humiliated for cheating, then they should at least receive the same attacks across the board. Kristen may have made a big mistake, but plenty of other people have too. She deserves a break, and also a second chance from her fans -- even if they're unhappy and hurt by the end of her romance with Rob.

And there's always a chance that they could get back together, which you can hear more about in this video clip. (I'm sure if they do work things out, everyone will magically love her overnight again.)

Do you think there's a double standard when it comes to cheating?


Image via Sparkle in the sun/Flickr

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