If Bobby Petrino's Mistress Didn’t Get Dumped by Her Fiance There's Hope for Kristen Stewart

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You would expect that if someone like Robert Pattinson dropped Kristen Stewart like a hot potato over kissing another guy that someone like Josh Morgan would have easily kicked his fiancee Jessica Dorrell, of Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino seductress fame, to the curb without a second thought. But wonders never cease. Word has it that Dorrell and Morgan are still together and moving to South Carolina to start a brand new life. You just never know with these things.


The news that Dorrell and Morgan, who was just hired in the swimming program at the University of South Carolina, are still a couple is pretty shocking. Both Pattinson and Morgan were publicly humiliated by their cheating women. But that's really where the similarity ends. Kristen kissed another guy, but judging by how fast both she and Rupert Sanders made a bee line back to their partners, that's as far as the relationship went. What Josh Morgan, who ran the swimming program at Arkansas, had to endure makes Robert Pattinson's situation look fairly minor and survivable.

Dorrell had a full-on, sexual relationship with Petrino that was going on for some time, all the while she was engaged to Morgan. There were probably some strong emotional feelings attached for Dorrell, anyway, to take such risks. Their wedding was just a few months away when the affair was revealed. Petrino was not only sexually involved with Dorrell, he gave her $20,000 as a gift. Then there was that whole business of the motorcycle crash and Petrino trying to lie his way out of Dorrell being on the back of the bike during the time. Not to mention that the whole hiring of Dorrell for her position in Petrino's football program was pretty fishy, seeing there were more qualified candidates in line. It was a huge, messy ethical, moral, and professional mess on so many levels.

Not saying that kissing alone is any less hurtful or wrong for the betrayed partner. It's just an interesting study of standards in the workings of relationships. For some partners, any level of cheating is a hard-and-fast deal-breaker, and for others it's not. The mind may know the rules, but the heart doesn't. And that's probably a good thing.

Are you shocked that Dorrell and her fiance are still together?

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