Taylor Swift Gets Tough With the Kennedys as Any Woman Dating Royalty Should

Taylor SwiftAh, young love. I'm talkin' 'bout Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy, y'all. There they are, holding hands and kissing all over the place. Visiting Conor's mother's grave. Living near each other on Cape Cod. And, er, crashing a Kennedy wedding. Apparently Taylor was asked -- twice! -- to leave the wedding of Kyle Kennedy, Conor's cousin. Reports say the bride's mother worried that Taylor would distract from the bride's big day.

But word has it Taylor was all, "Hells no!" and refused to leave. And good for Tays. Because there's going to be only one way for Taylor to survive the family considered America's royalty and its "curse." And that's to stick up to them!


I'm not condoning crashing someone's wedding. But Swift's spokeswoman says that the bride welcomed Taylor personally. Who knows what exactly happened here. All I know is, Taylor ain't gonna take no guff from no Kennedy matriarch. And she shouldn't.

Conor looks like a sweet boy. But, let's face it, the women of the Kennedy clan haven't fared so well over the years. Conor's mother, Mary Kennedy, committed suicide. John Kennedy, Jr.'s wife, Carolyn Bessette (and her sister, Lauren), died in a plane crash with him. Jackie Kennedy watched her president husband, JFK, get assassinated right in front of her. You get the drift. Woman + Kennedy man = Ruh-roh.

So if you're going to date a Kennedy, you need to come in with guns a blazin'. Not real guns, people. I mean emotional guns. And you gotta stick to 'em. You gotta say, "I'm doing it MY way, Kennedy beeyaash, so you and your pearls better back the hell off!"

It's this way for anyone joining a strong tight-knit family. You can't let them crush your individuality. You've got to draw boundaries. You've got to be able to say, "So you own a Cape Cod compound? Well, lookee here, I can buy one too, so howdya like that?"

Taylor might be the first woman to join up with the Kennedy clan who can't be overpowered by them. And she ain't going to be told to which fork to use or which country club to join. She'll kick the fork and buy the country club, dammit! I totally hear an awesome song right now.

Do you think Taylor will do okay with the Kennedys?

Image via Pacific Coast News

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