Kristen Stewart Doesn't Have to Let Go of Robert Pattinson Just Yet

kristen stewart as bellaBeing that Kristen Stewart's every move is being tracked by gossipmongers everywhere, we're already well aware that the actress finally faced the world this week for the first time since publicly apologizing for her infidelity. And also how, yesterday, she was spied sporting none other than Robert Pattinson's Baltimore Orioles hat and the ring he gave her.

Eesh! Nothing says "not over it" like continuing to rock your ex's entire wardrobe, huh? (Then again, maybe she's not over it, because they're not actually over, but that's a whole different conversation ...) Guess he forgot those few items when Rob moved out of the home they once shared?

Although it might initially look a bit desperate, KStew's really just handling heartbreak like any 22-year-old would ...


She's clearly clinging to anything she possibly can to keep her feeling like Rob's still around. Totally understandable, completely natural, and even, yeah, at this point ... a healthy way to cope with her emotional distress, I'd say. And I wouldn't necessarily say she needs to ever toss 'em or give 'em back. (Unless she's skeeved by the fact that she was photographed wearing Rob's hat while creepin' behind his back with Rupert. Ew.)

I'm sure there are plenty of people who assert that holding onto any remnants from a busted-up relationship is unhealthy, but I don't necessarily agree. Obviously, she shouldn't continue to walk around wearing Rob's clothing if the two remain broken up. Those items must find their way into some sort of box ... and stored in a place where they'll be out of sight and out of mind -- most of the time.

But having them tucked away in a place where she can look back wistfully at them one day would be fine. Maybe it's far too hopeless a romantic of me, but I don't see any harm in that. As long as you can get to a place emotionally where those belongings conjure up nothing more than a sentimental memory, it's totally cool.

But I'd venture to guess that for Kristen, getting to that point is going to take a looong time.

How do you feel about holding onto an ex's belongings?


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