Finally, Proof that Marriage Drives Women to Drink

glass of wineWell I always suspected marriage drives women to drink, but now here's proof. A new study shows that women tend to drink more after they become married. Yes we do. Please pass the rose.

Oh but wait -- here's a surprise. Men actually drink less after they get married. After all those jokes they make about how you sound just like your mother and if you don't quit nagging me, turns out WE are not driving THEM to drink, anyhow. But it does look like women teach men sobriety while men have an unwholesome influence on women.

I wonder -- is this really proof that marriage is all about competition?


I used to have a semi-competitive thing going on with my husband and booze: He always drank more than I do. Even when I bought something I knew he wasn't that into (Scotch, Campari) he'd still nip into my stuff. I didn't mind sharing, of course. But there were times when I'd come home on a weekend thinking, "margaritas!" Only to find out we were out of tequila already. Gah!

I almost felt like I had to "keep up" to get "my share." These are the insane ways you think when you live with someone for 16 years. Or maybe I'm just obsessed with equality. But I never managed to keep up. I'm 5'4 to his 6'1 so that was never going to happen. But did he drink less than he would have if he were single? I wonder. Maybe so, because he didn't want to look like a total lush in comparison.

The study also shows that single people generally drink more than married people. OBVIOUSLY -- because they're trying to get laid and because they don't have to pay for a sitter! I mean, if the guy you live with is happy to do you any time, even if you have rollers in your hair and haven't shaved your underarms for a week, you hardly need alcohol as an ice breaker.

Do you think you started drinking more after marriage?


Image via Michael Bently/Flickr

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