Charlie Sheen & Denise Richards Have Friendly ‘Threesome’ With Ex-Wife #3

charlie sheen denise richardsWe've all seen Charlie Sheen do some crazy shit over the last year and a half -- from the hookers, to the girlfriends, to the hooker girlfriends, to the coke, to the "winning!" -- Charlie certainly hasn't led the simple life. Proving just how complicated he prefers things, his second ex wife, Denise Richards, threw a 35th birthday bash for his third ex wife, Brooke Mueller. Charlie's got two kids with each of his former betrothed and you'd think tensions between he, Denise, and Brooke may be high, but no no no. The only thing that's high is the esteem in which they hold one another. Yeah, yeah, that's the only thing that's high among these three, yeah.


ANYWHOOSLE, in some twisted way, I think it's kind of great that Denise is so over it all that she's able to throw a birthday party for her ex husband's most recent ex wife.

Being friends with your ex and their exes is easier said than done, especially when Charlie Sheen's involved, so you have to hand it to them for rising above all the drama and getting along like old pals. Because really, exes can be really great pals, it just takes time to get there.

Denise and Charlie divorced in 2006 -- they've had six years to let the water flow under the bridge. That's enough time to regain a sense of self, let go of any of the anger and bitterness, and to be able to see your ex for the person you fell in love with, not the person who broke your heart. Had Denise thrown this party back in 2008 for Brooke, I would've thought something was up, but since a significant amount of time has passed, it just seems that they're all one big, happy, high on life family.


How long did it take for you to become friends again with your ex?


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