15 Reasons to Masturbate Right Now

masturbationThere is no doubt that when it comes to sexuality, women get a very different message than men. Women are shamed. We are told that our bodies are a source of shame and we must be thin and perfect in order to be allowed to take any pleasure from them. It's terrible and limiting and the erotic lives of women suffer because of these messages.

Our bodies were made for fun, ladies. They were made to be sexual and to give and receive pleasure and most of us are missing the fun because we are too concerned with our saddle bags and the size of our bums.

We ladies need to get back in touch with our roots and one of the best ways to do that is to self-pleasure. Yes, we need to masturbate more. There are always hundreds of good reasons to play with yourself, but here are 20 reasons women need to do it more:


  1. Orgasms beget more orgasm: If you have an orgasm, you will have more. It's not like one and done.
  2. They help women relax: Is there any better feeling than the moments after an orgasm when the body just calms down?
  3. Women will feel better about their bodies: When you can manipulate your own body, you feel better about what it can DO, not what it looks like.
  4. It's a good time: It's true.
  5. It's good to learn about the body: The quickest way to get to know yourself is to touch yourself.
  6. It makes your marriage better: A more orgasmic wife is a happier wife is a happier husband.
  7. It strengthens the pelvic floor: Wanna pee your pants at 80? I thought not.
  8. Pain relief from period cramps: Yes, please!
  9. It helps cure insomnia: Orgasms will have you in dream land faster than you can say zzzz...
  10. It makes you crave more sex: It's not one and done. I repeat. It's not.
  11. It makes you more likely to orgasm from sex: Those women who can have one from vaginal intercourse? I bet they masturbate!
  12. It bolsters the imagination: Sex fantasies thrive in a satisfied woman's head.
  13. It increases sexual confidence: Wanna feel hot? Have an orgasm.
  14. It burns calories: Yay!
  15. Will make you stop craving chocolate: Um, this one could be a lie.

Do you masturbate? If so, why?


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