Romantic Date Nights Like This Are What Every Mom Needs (VIDEO)

wine glasses candles date nightWhen you think about it, moms like us all have similar cozy little routines. So much of it revolves around our kids, because we adore them, and we love spending time together as a family. But sometimes what we need most (and don't even know it!) is a date night.

In this episode of Mya and Her Moms, Mya's moms are celebrating their 12th anniversary. They go out to dinner and then to a party at a friend's house. And if you have any lingering belief that gay couples are weird or different from straight couples, this ought to dispel that misconception right away. Because the conversation between them sounds exactly like what it is in my (straight) household...namely, "WHEE!!!! A night with no kids!!"


It's really heartwarming to see Lisa and Laura discuss how they have grown and changed over the 12 years they have had together, how having Mya has changed their lives, and how much they are enjoying being moms together

They even say they are good role models because of how committed they are to their relationship and how hard they work at it. And you know what? They are. Sustaining a relationship through time, life changes, and especially parenthood is hard, and anybody who can do it deserves applause. Check out the sweet video below.

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How do you like to spend date night?

Image via Lachlan/Flickr

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