10 Signs You're Being Too Picky When You're Dating

Dating sucks.

Or, at the very least, dating sucks for most of us. It's confusing and challenging, navigating the waters of dating, trying to find someone you actually like in the sea of fishies.

But sometimes, the things that hold us back from dating, the reasons we're not dating anyone right now -- or ever -- is because we're being too picky. Now, that's not to say we should jump into a marriage (or bed) with someone who we don't like -- just that sometimes, we seriously jeopardize our chances at finding someone because we're too d@mn choosy.

Here are some signs you're being too picky with your dates (poor things).


1) You've actually dumped a dude because you don't like the shampoo he uses.

2) It takes you at least five pages -- single-spaced -- to write up a description of "your perfect man."

3) If you're late on a date, you wind up furious that HE'S late, too.

4) You've never been dumped -- you're the first to reject a potential mate.

5) You've dumped a guy for calling too soon after a date.

6) You live by that stupid book The Rules.

7) You've actually managed to turn down MORE dates than you've been on.

8) You've decided that his picture on Facebook is too silly-looking, so you don't even bother showing up for the date.

9) You walk into the first date just knowing there won't be a second.

10) "He's too ..." there's always something wrong with the guy. He snores. He wears socks with sandals. He's too tall. He's too short. He shops at Old Navy. He doesn't shop at Old Navy.

What are some other signs that you're being too picky?


Image via orphanjones/Flickr

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