Jessica Biel Doesn't Want to Plan Her Wedding - Will Justin Timberlake Step Up?

justin timberlakeYou know what most women do after they get engaged, besides post it on every and all social media outlet? They start planning their wedding. Not Jessica Biel, though. The 30-year-old actress admitted to a British talk show that she has very little interest in planning her "big day." She doesn't have any themes in mind (what, no marionettes?) and laments that she's too busy to worry about the details. But you know who kinda has some free time on his hands right now? Justin Timberlake. And as Jessica says, he does have impeccable taste. Maybe J.T. should plan the wedding


Unfortunately, that's probably more of a startling idea than it should be. I mean, why can't grooms take the lead, meet with their fathers, sit down with a planner if need be, and get the whole wedding-thing started?

There's no reason why the man in the relationship cannot bear the weight of executing, in many cases, the biggest party of their lives. They've run the country for the past 223 years, it should be no big deal to organize a seating chart, pick out some flowers, and nail down a location.

I think it'd be a wonderful change of pace if Justin, or any groom, took the wedding planning reins and led the entire process. I'd love to be asked what I wanted, then have someone else do the work. Jessica's kind of on to something. I'm going to take her lead and play the "too busy", "not bride(zilla) enough" card and let the guy do all the heavy lifting. And by heavy lifting I mean cake tasting, making phone calls, working out a budget, figuring out the guest-list, booking the officiant, hiring a photographer, throwing an engagement party, booking a band, launching a wedding website, and purchasing the honeymoon tickets.

Yup, that can be all him.

How involved was your husband with the wedding planning?


Photo via Joe Shlabotnik/Flickr

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