Robert Pattinson Feels Like Breaking Up Is the End of the World

robert pattinsonBefore we move to bigger and better, let's talk about Robert Pattinson's Daily Show interview one last time. Did you catch RPattz's reaction when Jon Stewart said that breaking up, when you're young, feels like the end of the world? Robert just nodded and smiled, like he did through most of the rhetorical questions thrown at him during first half of the chat, but Jon raises an interesting point. Breaking up does feel like the end of the world when you're young! It feels like you'll never be happy again and oh my god you'll never love again and holy shit WHY IS IT SUNNY OUT IT SHOULD BE CLOUDY FOREVER.

But, as anyone who's experienced young love and lost it will tell you, it might feel like the end of the world, but it's not. At all. Not even a little bit.


Rob's not that young -- it's not like he's in high school or anything -- but at 26, he's still relatively green, especially if Kristen was his first "real" girlfriend, which she very might could have been. (Very might could have been? I apologize for that terrible phrase but you know what I'm saying.) If they'd been dating for four years, most of his early 20s were wrapped up in Kristen, and now that it's gone, he probably feels extremely lost, almost as if, you know, the world is ending, because he doesn't really have an adult world to look back on and realize that things will be OK.

One of the best parts about breaking up when you're older (the best parts about breaking up when you're older? As if there are tons of good reasons to end a relationship when you're 28 or so? Jesus, I'm really throwing down some quality phraseology today) is that you've been there, done that, earlier in life, and you know that you're going to survive. You might even know how to thrive after a split, if you've broken up a bunch.

If anything, RPattz can use this life lesson to positively influence his future relationships. The skills he'll learn about picking himself up by the boot straps, about being compassionate and healing toward yourself, and about moving forward will only prove beneficial to any lady love he finds in the coming years.

But while he's going through this growing process, eating ice cream with Jon Stewart is a wonderful distraction.

Any advice for Rob?


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